Goodwin PC Services Rental Offerings

We are not really in the rental business, but more and more people have started to ask about that availability, so we are trying to provide.


RENTALS ARE AVAILABLE ONLY  to businesses and individuals with whom we have an established relationship.


For all rented items: You are responsible for REPLACEMENT COST or REPAIR due to any loss or damage, like if your 16-year-old sells it on eBay, or if you decide to run over it with a forklift, or if your 3-year-old spills a lemonade on it, etc.


LAPTOP Rental: We have a laptop (yes, presently our rental fleet consists of 1 laptop) that is available for rent. Cost is: $15 for the first day, $3 per day after that. or $25 for the first week, $18 per week after that. or $75 for the first month, $50 per month after that. It has standard Office software installed. GPS Receiver Rental: For either our laptop or your own, we have a Pharos GPS Receiver and corresponding GPS software package available for rent. Cost is $1 per day if used in conjunction with our laptop. Cost is $2 per day on your laptop. AIRCARD Rental: We have a 3G aircard available for rental. It generally works anywhere in the US. It is a USB card, so it can work on any laptop. Cost is: $30 first day, $5 each additional day or $50 first week, $30 each additional week or $125 per month, $100 additional months CALL 901-550-2142 to check availability and schedule rental.